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Standing Seam Metal Roofing Services in Coatsville, PA

Beautiful, hidden fasteners, lasts a life-time

standing seam metal roofing contractor

No Leaks | Increased Property Value | Happy Family

What our customers say...

"JMK replaced our existing roof.  The crew was professional and quick, and they did an excellent job."  - Mike N.

Hassle-Free Metal Roofing with JMK

Easy & Free Quoting 

We only need 30 seconds of your time.

We'll do the rest of the work and research.

Highest Quality Metal

We vent our high-quality metal roofs with SnapZ to ensure the best energy efficiency and longest life possible.


Re-roofing is messy.  With our roofer's buggy we make sure that no mess or material is left behind.

What is your old roof costing you?

  • Ceiling water damage
  • Decreasing property value
  • Non-Insurable storm damage
  • Are you using drip buckets?



It takes 30 seconds or less.

The current record is 10 seconds!


We look at your roof and send you our best "no surprises" estimate.


Your roof is replaced and no mess is left behind.

If you were away that day, the only proof we were there would be a new roof.

What our customers say...

We provide standing seam metal roofing services in Coatesville, PA and the surrounding areas. 


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Are you concerned about the cost of a local Coatesville standing seam metal roofing service?

Have you heard that a standing seam metal roof is expensive or complicated?


You don’t need to be worried!

What is our top priority at JMK Roofing?  Providing your valuable structure with a beautiful standing seam metal roof that will endure the elements, and be the perfect compliment to your building!  JMK Roofing wants you to know that we will provide the best roof possible for your home or business in the Coatesville, PA area.  Our surprise-free quote ensures that the process is completed efficiently, properly, and competitively; so that you keep more of your savings where they belong: with you!
Every standing seam metal installation or repair is important to us, and we want your roof to perform beyond what you even expect. We will involve you in the entire process, and we try to ensure that there are no surprises in the end. If we discover that additional structural work needs to be done outside the original roofing contract, we will be upfront, honest, and work with you. We try to leave the site cleaner than it was when we arrived, and we always use our 'Roofer's Buggy' to protect your landscaping and lawn during the roofing process.  
Attention to detail, your satisfaction, and
ultimately a secure, protected building is our goal!         
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