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4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Local Roofing Contractor

reasons why to use a local roofing contractor

Whenever we need something done to our house and begin the search for a contractor, a quick

Google search reveals the countless number of contractors who are more than happy to give a


Some of them are local, some are regional, and some are national.

So which is the best?

Ultimately there is no “magic potion” that will give you the answer. Customer reviews, company

integrity, and other factors should play into your decision.

But whether you need a roofing contractor or your plumbing fixed, here are 4 reasons you

should consider moving forward with a local contractor to do your work.

why you should use a local roofing contractor

They know the community

Have you ever felt belittled by a salesperson because they came from out of town?

customer service detached from company

Did you ever feel like

someone in a

company’s customer

service department

just “didn’t get it”

because they were in

an office building

several hundred

miles away?

This frustration of not being properly understood is a common experience, and it is often

compounded by companies and salespeople who don’t understand the community and culture

in which they are working.

One of the big advantages of local contractors near you is the satisfaction that they will better

understand the project and how to develop it in your region.

This can be as simple as knowing the best hardware places to pick up supplies, or it can be larger

issues like knowing people on the zoning committee if you run into a permitting issue.

They can provide faster service

This point is common sense based on simple geography: The closer your contractor is to you,

the faster he can get there.

Sadly, sometimes local contractors are slow to respond, so having a local contract is not a

guarantee of faster service.

However, a local contractor will often be able to address your needs faster for several reasons.

Maybe they are already down the street on another project, maybe they drive by your place on

the way to the shop, or maybe a few of their workers live local to you and can stop by on the way

home from work.

Whatever the case may be, a contractor close to you will probably be able to address warranty

issues faster than a company with the nearest base several hours or several hundred miles


They have a reputation to protect

While many national or large regional companies have good reviews, there are many stories of

large companies that come into an area, make the quick buck doing poor work, and then move

on to the next region leaving many unhappy customers in their wake.

Because they are a large company that can move, this business model can actually work in the


However, if you do work with local contractors in your area, then it is a different story.

A local contractor who does shoddy work or has poor customer service will quickly gain a bad

reputation. Through word-of-mouth, your neighbors, and maybe even local news, people will

quickly learn to avoid that contractor.

And because the contractor is local, he can’t simply move to another state to conduct business.

contractors are aware of their reputation

Local contractors

who work in a

specific region are

aware of their

reputation, and they

usually do

everything they can

to protect it.

And what happens as a result?

Usually it means the local contractor will want a relationship with you, do good work, and take

care of warranty issues.

And yes, there are local contractors who do want the “easy business,” so you will still want to

make sure you pick a contractor with a reputation that you can trust, even if they are local.

You can find local customer reviews faster

This one can be huge. If a national contractor is doing business in multiple states and towns,

then it can be difficult to find someone local where they have worked.

Your main resource becomes online reviews from other customers, and while these can be very

helpful, they don’t always show the details of the workmanship or the whole story.

find a contractor with customers in your area

Looking for local

contractors in your

area will help you be

able to find a

contractor with

customers in the

local area, and

therefore make a

For example, let’s say you have some roof repairs and need to find an asphalt shingle roofing

contractor. A national contractor can show you a lot of nice pictures, reviews, and the whole

sales pitch, but finding a local roofing contractor will give you the benefit of actually seeing some

of their work in your neighborhood and nearby.

Not only can you see their craftsmanship, you will also be able to talk to the homeowner and

client personally to hear about their experience.

Remember that not every regional or national contractor is bad, and not every local contractor is

automatically good. However, picking a local contractor to do your work does come with

advantages that can help you make a wise decision that you won’t regret.

If you are looking for a local roofing contractor in the PA, DE, or MD regions; then contact the

crew at JMK Roofing LLC today!

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