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5 Top Reasons to choose JMK Roofing as your next roofing contractor

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We’ve all heard the horror stories about local contractors: They charge more than they quoted, they up-sell their materials, they don’t return phone calls, their warranty means nothing to them, etc.

It can be a scary world out there when it comes to getting things done on your house or property.

So how can your roofing contractor story be different? How can you be the one with good things to say about your local roofing contractor the next time you have a family gathering or break-time at work?

The answer is simple: Choose JMK Roofing. Our values are geared to keep God and our customers first, and our reviews back this up. Below are our top 5 values, and the reasons why you should choose JMK Roofing to be your roofing contractor in your next remodeling adventure!

  • Salt and light

As followers of Jesus, everything that we do in our work is centered on serving Jesus and honoring Him. Whether it is hammering nails, talking to customers, or driving to the jobsite; we want everything we do to bring God glory.

As one reviewer mentioned: “The job-site was cleaned everyday. John and his crew are very friendly and respectful.”

  • Trust

The term “shady contractor” or “shady salesman” gets thrown around a lot today. Sadly, no one is surprised when they hear a contractor make promises that are not kept.

At JMK Roofing, our goal is to change the way people think of local contractors. When you partner with us, we want you to know that we really do mean everything we say, and that we will deliver on our promises to you.

  • Integrity

Any salesman can say great things about his company or product while he is trying to close the deal, but it is another thing for his company to actually deliver what he promised.

We want everyone who works with JMK Roofing to experience the ease of working with a local roofing contractor who actually delivers everything that was promised.

These reviews say it best!

  • "Extra repair work and charges us only for the price we signed for.”

  • “Charges us exactly what he quoted.”

  • Humility

Because our first priority is to honor God, we want Him, not our company, to be in the center of everything we do. Because of this, we will not bash our competitors or give ourselves credit for things that we have not done.

We do quality work and are proud of every project we complete, but our goal is to use our talents to serve God and our team, and not to redirect everything back to ourselves.

  • Community

Humans were not made to live in isolation, and we embrace that fully at JMK Roofing. We place high priority on family, our customer base, and the JMK Roofing team.

When we work with you, it is our desire for you to feel a part of that community. From the first visit to the final job cleanup, we want you to feel like you are a part of our team!


In giving advice on finding local roofing contractors, one of Dave Ramsey’s main points is that the contractor must offer “superior service” and have “no bad rap.”

Many people probably find it hard to say these things about their local roofing contractors, but if you choose JMK Roofing, we guarantee you a story that is rooted in God, trust, integrity, humility, and community.

Drop us a note or give us a call today to begin your story!


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